How to send emails with your Sendgrid account

In this article, you will learn how to send emails with your own Sendgrid account.

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What is SendGrid?

SendGrid is a customer communication platform for transactional and marketing email.

It offers many important resources that improve email deliverability and also ensure that all emails that are sent will be received in your contacts' inboxes and not in SPAM status.

How to use SendGrid?

1. Using SendGrid from your own account 

You can use your own SendGrid account. 

This means that you will use as the gateway for sending your e-mails. This will be the structure from which you will send your e-mail campaigns and newsletters, but the e-mails will be sent via your own SendGrid account. 

To use your own SendGrid account, you will need to set up your SendGrid API key. 

1.1 What is an API?

Simply put, an API or " Application Programming Interface" allows two applications to communicate with each other. 

1.2 How do you connect your SendGrid API key to

You will first need to access the SendGrid site and create an account, 

Then you will need to generate an API key, which you will put on your account. 

2. Using SendGrid from your account 

On we use the Sendgrid platform to send our emails.  

What are the differences between using a SendGrid account and one's own SendGrid account?

When you use your own SendGrid account, you use as a gateway for sending your e-mails, but if you are concerned about the deliverability of your e-mails, will not be able to check the specific reasons for this. 


Whether you use your own SendGrid account or use, our main recommendation is to use an authenticated domain name to send your emails. 

Authentication of your domain name is essential for good deliverability of your emails, this is an important condition. 

1. How do you authenticate your domain name if you are not using your own SendGrid account?

To authenticate your personalized domain name, we invite you to follow the procedure described in the following article. generates three (3) CNAME records, which must be entered in the DNS zone of your account with your web host. 

Once the registrations have been set up, you will need to contact Technical Support so that we can check that the registrations are correct and that your domain name is ready for use. 

What is the "Verification" of the authentication of your domain name? 

"Verification" involves the procedure to check whether you have correctly entered the three (3) CNAMEs records. 

- If, after verification, the records are correctly set up, we will validate the procedure. 
- If, on the other hand, after verification, the records aren't set up correctly, we will guide you to solve the errors detected. 

2.  How do you authenticate your domain name if you are using your own SendGrid account?

To authenticate your domain name from your own SendGrid account, we invite you to consult the procedure described in the second part of the following article.

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