How to manage a blog's layout

The blog layout allows you to define the overall design of your blog pages.

It is the template that will define the position of the common elements of your Blog pages (e.g: Header, footer, ...etc), as well as the "blog content" placeholder.

Note that while the elements added to the blog layout will be displayed on all the blog's pages and posts, they can only be edited on the "blog layout" page.

To manage blog template layout : 

Go to the "Blogs" tab (number 1 in the image), then click on the blog's name (number 2 in the image)

Once on the blog's menu, click on the "Blog Layout" button (number 3 in the image).

You will have access to the page editor, which will allow you to add "Elements" or "Blocks" from the left menu. After inserting an element or block, it will automatically be added to all pages that use blog layout and all blog posts. You will also find a default header and footer which can be configured and modified.

By going to the "Settings" section on the editor, you will be able to modify the "Default typography & Heading typography" for all the pages using this blog layout.
In these sections, you can set a specific font, font size, and font color for the blog content and titles.

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