How to add an order bump to an order form/payment page

In this article, you will learn how to add an order bump to your order form/payment page. 

You will need:

  • a account
  • a sales funnel
  • a payment page

First, go to the payment page where you want to add the order bump. Next, click on "Add order bump"

You will see new data fields for setting your order bump. At this level, you must first choose an offer type for your order bump. You must choose between the two different types of offers on your page: "Physical product" or "Digital product".

After choosing the type of offer for your order bump, you need to add a resource to your page, so that the customer can have access to their product after payment.
The following resources are available for a digital product:
1. Add a course: After validation of the payment, your customer will automatically have access to the course.

2. Add a course bundle: After validation of the payment, your customer will have access to a membership course bundle (a pack of several courses created beforehand).

3. Add a tag: After validation of the payment, your customer will have a specific tag (that you have chosen).

4. Add access to a community: After payment validation, the customer will have access to a community where he/she will be able to exchange with customers who have subscribed to the same offer.

From available resources for a physical product, you can only choose the product you want to sell.

Note: For physical products, you must proceed to their delivery in an external way because this can not be done at the level of If you have not yet created a physical product, click here to see how to create a physical product.

IMPORTANT: You also need to add a single price to your order bump, click here to view the article "How to create and configure a price plan".

Note: You can set a specific automation rule such as sending an email or a campaign, which will be triggered when a customer buys the order bump, for this fact, you should proceed as follows:

1. Create a TAG that will be assigned to the customers who buy the Order Bump (For example, TAG "Order bump").

2. Go to the payment page where the Order Bump is located and in "Resource" assign a TAG. Here, for example, it will be the TAG "Order form".

(This way, all those who have purchased your Order Bump will be assigned the TAG in question.)

3. Go to Menu > Automations > Rules and create rules there.


Trigger: Assign a TAG (Choose the TAG here "Order bump") >> Action: Choose the action of your choice (send email or campaign).

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