How to add an order bump to an order form/payment page

In this article, you will learn how to add an order bump to your order form/payment page. 

To get started, you will need the following:

  • a account
  • a sales funnel
  • a payment page

Begin by navigating to the payment page where you wish to add the order bump. Next, click on "Add order bump".

New fields will appear for configuring your order bump.

In the "Choose offer type" field, select either "Physical product" or "Digital product".

After selecting the offer type for your order form page, you need to include a resource that customers will access after making the payment.

For digital products, the following resources are available:

1. Courses: After payment validation, your customer will automatically gain access to the course.

2. Course bundles: After payment validation, your customer will have access to a membership course bundle, comprising several pre-created courses.

3. Tags: Upon payment validation, your customer will be tagged with the tag you specify.

4. Communities: After payment validation, the customer can access a community where they can interact with others who have subscribed to the same offer.

For physical products, you can only select the product you intend to sell.

Note: For physical product delivery, you must handle it externally, as does not facilitate this process. If you haven't yet created a physical product, refer to this guide on how to do so.

IMPORTANT: You also need to add a single price to your order bump, click here to view the article "How to create and configure a price plan".

Once you've configured the order bump in your order form settings, access the page editor. Then, simply drag and drop the "Order bump" element into the page body to make it visible on your page.

Note: You can also define automation rules to send an email or a campaign after a customer purchases the order bump.

Follow these steps to create automation rules:

1. Create a tag that will be assigned to customers who purchase the Order Bump (i.e. example, the tag "Order bump").

2. Go to the payment page where the Order Bump is located and select "Tag" for the "Resource", then select the tag you wish to assign after purchase (i.e. "Order bump".

With this configuration, all those who purchase your Order Bump will be assigned the specific tag.

3. Go to Menu > Automations > Rules and create automation rules. For example:

  • Trigger: Select the trigger "Tag assigned" and select the tag that will be assigned automatically to customers who take the Order bump.
  • Action: For the action, select the action for your use case, for example "Send email" or "Campaign".

To learn more about managing automation rules, click here.

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