How to create and sell a physical product on

In this article, you will learn the steps in order to create and sell a physical product on

You will need :

  • A subscription to Startup or Webinar or Enterprise plan.

Step 1: Creation of the physical product

1.1 Go to Products/Sales and click on Products 

1.2 click on "Create" and fill in the blanks with the information

Note: insert the VAT percentage if it's part of your company's system
1.3 Add the elements of your products 
  • Attributes (color, size, volume, weight...)
  • Options (color, designs...)  

Note 1: you can add as many attributes and other options related to your product.
Note 2: you have the possibility to delete attributes or options and modify them as well.

Step 2: Putting the product on sale

2.1 create a funnel:
To create your funnel, go to Fun nels. 

When the interface appears, click on + Create

Since this concerns the sale of products, choose  Sell. You may as well choose  Custom if you want to create all the pages by yourself.  
Name your funnel, then select the currency you are interested in.

For the sale of products, you basically need a payment page and a thank-you page. (by choosing the Sell funnel, you have already the two pages in the funnel). You can also add a capture page, a sales page, and even upsell- and downsell-pages, according to your requirements.  
Note: you can consult this article to see how to create a funnel.
2.2 Place the product in your funnel:
To begin, choose the template to present your product. These templates can be found in the interface, on the right of your payment page.      

Once you have chosen your template, another interface of your payment page will appear, this time showing the step configuration, the automation rules, and also the editor to modify your page at your convenience. ( I would like for you to take a look at all the options to discover by yourself what you can do).
On this new interface, you have to put the product you have created. To do so, go to  Resources and click on the    on its right, in the settings of your payment page. 

Next, you need to choose the Physical Products option, then choose the product you want to sell through this funnel.

Finally, choose the price of your product by clicking on the of the Offer price plans below.

Note 1: It is important to connect a payment method to your account first. Please note that on, this can only be done via Stripe or PayPal.
These three articles will help you to connect your Stripe and PayPal accounts and to define your price afterwards:

Note 2: don't forget to save your settings, once everything is set up, by clicking on the green button in the top right corner.

2.3 edit your payment page: 
On the same page, click on the small blue  wand  below the eye 

Once you're in the editor, you can organize the elements as you wish, but right now, we're interested to place your product on the payment page you're going to publish. 
So, you will have to choose the location where you want to put your product.  
Then, drag the  Product element on the left side of the editor in the  payment  section, and drop it in the location you have chosen. 

All the information you added when you created your product will appear at the location of the Product section.

After you have set up your product on your payment page, it's time to add the pricing. Once again, you need to drag and drop the Offer price element which is also found in the Payment section

You will also have a summary of the rate you have added in the settings of your payment page.

Your product is successfully placed and configured!
Note: when you have finished editing a page or made any other changes, you must save by clicking on  Save in the top right corner of the page. Please note that there is no auto-saving in the editor of your pages.

Finally, in your account, you have the possibility to find all the orders of your customers.
To do this, go to  Product/Sales, then  Orders 

You will get an interface where you can find any order. You can search by date, type or by choosing the status of the order or a particular product. 

You can use these settings individually or at the same time of course.

If you have any concerns regarding the setting up of your product, you can contact us at our support by clicking here.
Note: it's important to precise your email address, the one with which you used to create your account, as well as all the information related to your problem, which could help us to solve it ( name of the funnel, product ...).
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