How to use the latest blog post carousel element

In this article, you will learn how to use the latest blog post carousel on the post list page of your blog.

Go to the"Blogs" tab (number 1 in the image), then click on the "Title of your blog" (number 2 in the image)

Once on the menu of your blog, please go first to the"Pages" section (number 3 in the image), then click on the "Edit" icon of the page "Post list page" (number 4 in the image)

Once in the editor of the Post list page, you need to drag the element "Latest blog posts carousel" and drop it on the page, the posts will appear automatically on the element.

The most important settings you can set up with this item are the following : 

  • Number of slides for the carousel : insert a value that will be the number of posts that will be displayed on this carousel 
  • Blog post image position : you can choose between above text, left of text or as background image
  • Category : if you want to display on the carousel only a specific category 
  • Number of posts per row : you can show more than one post per row 
  • Display or not the arrow navigation : check the box to show the arrow 
  • Controls color : the color of the slide control 
  • Arrow color : the color of the arrow to change slide 
  • Content background color : change the background color of the content of the carousel
  • Set up sizes, margins, text font (title and description)
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