How to sell an online course

In this article, you will see how to sell an online course using

You will need:

Configure your order form
In your sales funnel, click on your "Order form"  (number 1 in the image below).

Then click on the (+) button in "Resources" (number 2 in the image below).

Choose "Course" as the type of resource (number 3 in the image below).
Click on the title of the course you want to sell (number 4 in the image below).

Next, you will have to choose the access type (number 5 in the image below).
A: Full access: The student will have access to the entire course upon the first payment.
B: Drip content: The student will have access to your course gradually according to the time you have configured for the lectures/modules of your course.
Example: Every week (every 7 days) the customer will have access to a new chapter.
To learn more about the difference between the two types of access, I recommend that you read the article on this subject by clicking here.
You can then grant access to your course on a specific date for your customers by clicking on this feature and selecting a date (number 6 in the image below).
Example: If the customer subscribed to the course on 09/05/2022, he will start to have access to it only on 12/05/2022 since we have configured a specific date to unlock access to the resource.

You can choose to set an expiration delay for your course, this feature must be set in days (number 7 in the image below).

Example: The course will not be available more than 30 days after it has been unlocked in case there was a specific date for the unlocking, or 30 days after the customer purchase in case there is no specific date for the unlocking.

Note: This feature only works when the access type is full access, which is why this feature is not visible when a user selects the drip content access to sell his course.

Finally, click on "Save funnel step" (number 8 in the image below) to save the changes.

Please be aware that it is recommended to add a tag in the resources to easily recognize your customers from all your contacts (number 9 in the image below).

Note: After your customers achieve their payment on this order form, they will receive an automatic email to set a password to access your membership area.
Question: Can we change the email that is sent to our students to give them access to our courses?   
Answer: Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to modify the email that is automatically sent by our system when a contact is added to one of your courses.
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