How to sell an online course

In this article, you will learn how to sell an online course using

You will need:

Configuring your order form

In your sales funnel, navigate to your order form.

Within the order form settings :

  1. Choose "Digital product" as the offer type (number 1 in the image)
  2. Click the "+Plus" icon to add a resource to your offer (number 2 in the image)

Adding a New Resource:

  1. Choose "Course" as the resource type (number 3 in the image)
  2. Click on "Choose course" to select the course you intend to sell (number 4 in the image)

Next, select the course access type (number 5 in the image)

The following options are available depending on how the student should have access to the course:

A. Full Access: Students gain complete access upon initial payment.

B. Partial Access: Students will be able to access specific modules selected by the instructor.

C. Drip Content: Students access course lectures gradually based on the delay set by the instructor.

Example: Every week (every 7 days) the customer will have access to a new lecture.

Click here to learn more about the differences between these two access types. 

You can also choose to grant access to your courses on a specific date by activating this feature and selecting a date (number 6 in the image)

Example: If the customer enrolled in the course on 26/07/2023, but we specified the access date to be 12/08/2023, they will only have access to it starting on 12/08/2023.

You can choose to set an expiration delay (in number of days) for your course (number 7 in the image)

Example: If you were to set an expiration delay of 30 days:

  1. If there was a specific date for unlocking, the course will no longer be available after 30 days after it has been unlocked.
  2. If no unlocking date was specified, the course will no longer be available 30 days after purchase.

Note: This option is only available for courses with full or partial access.

Finally, click the "Save" button to save your changes (number 8 in the image)

Note : We recommend adding a tag to your resources to easily identify your customers from your contacts. This is useful for segmenting your list and sending targeted emails (number 9 in the image)

Then click on "Save" to save your settings (number 10 in the image)

Upon completing these configuration steps, you're now ready to sell your courses.

Note: Your customers will automatically receive an email guiding them on setting a password for accessing the membership area of the course.


  • Question: Can we customize the email that is sent to our students when giving them access to our courses? 
  • Answer: Unfortunately, the email sent to your contacts upon enrollment cannot be customized within the platform.
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